How it works

We appreciate that you may not have booked a bar before so we thought it may be useful to give you a step-by-step guide. We promise to make the whole process as straight forward as possible!


  1. Find an excuse for a big party or celebration.
  2. Choose a unique venue.
  3. Invite all your friends and family.
  4. Drop us a line and we’ll talk through your plans and ideas. We’ll try to put something unique together for you! We’ll email you full details of our proposal including any costs or special considerations. Hopefully you’ll love our proposal and ask us to be part of your special occasion!
  5. Choose from one of our stunning bar set-ups.
  6. Choose which products you would like on draught i.e. a lager and/or cider and/or real ale!
  7. We’ll review the licensing arrangements for your chosen venue and apply for any necessary licenses.
  8. Confirm the booking by email. We’ll acknowledge your email so you know that everything is booked!
  9. 1-2 weeks before your event we’ll drop you a line and talk through the arrangements for the day and ask for final numbers. It’s still possible to make changes at this point if anything has changed! We’ll arrange a date and time to set-up!
  10. That’s it! We’ll be there and promise to give you an amazing celebration.